Shri C.N.P.F Arts and D.N. Science College, Dabhoi affiliated with Shri Govind Guru University, Godhra was established in the year 1958 and 1962 respectively under the aegis “Vadodara Jilla Kelavni Mandal” in the historical town of Dabhoi.


“Vadodra Jilla Kelavani Mandal” the managing body of our institute which itself was started functioning in 1957 and very soon it started to move for its goal of providing education and to solve the problems of students of the region the members of the Vadodra Jilla Kelavani Mandal had decided to start a Arts and Science College just 17 mile away form Vadodara city in the historical town of Dabhoi which was famous in history ad “Darbhavati”. With this in the month of June, 1958 Arts college was started which was affiliated with Gujarat University.

The flow of donation of the generous people and their concern for the education laid the path of procurement of the land for the independent college. Initially 10 acers of land was purchased and Four acers of land was donated by Shri Prabhudas Lallubhai Patel. The construction of college building may take time, it was known to the members of Vadodara Jilla Kelavani Mandal but were not wanted to delay the starting of the college so Initially the arts college was stated working in 1958 from the Building of Vibhag High School with 140 Students. The Inauguration of the college was done by Chief Minister of Gujarat State Shri Hitendrabhai Desai in the presence of Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University Shri Maganbhai Desai. By that time in the year 1958-1959 the construction of college building was carried out and the college moved to its own campus.

The Foundation stone of the Building of the College was laid down on 25th December, 1958 by His Hines of Vadodara State; and the Defence Minister of India Maharaja Fatehsinhrao Gayakwad. The college building was ready in a short period of just one year and on 17th August,1959 utilization of the building was started by the blessings of very learned and spiritual personality Sant Anirudhhacharya Maharajshri. The building is still as it is and fully functional. On 30th November 1959 the college ground was inaugurated by the President of Dabhoi Nagar Palika, Shri Chaturbhai Amin.

There was a great need of Hostel Building for the college student after starting the college. In the year of 1959, UGC had given a grant of Rs 93,888/- for the construction of hostel building and a contribution of Rs 47,000 was made by the Government of Mumbai State for the hostel building. Along with that a donation of Rs 25,000 was received by Maharaja Sayajirao Dimond Jubili Trust Fund and Rs 20,000 from the Vadodara District Local Board thus A hostel building with 24 room with all facility was emerged out. The inauguration of the Hostel Building was held on 3rd September, 1962 by the first Chief Minister of Gujarat State Dr. Jivaraj Mehata.

Members of Vadodara Jilla Kelavani Mandal had decided to start science faculty in 1961. Meanwhile the college had received 40 acers of land and thus in the 1962 the science college came into existence.

The construction of the Ground floor of the science college building was started on 25th December, 1963 and the foundation stone was laid down by Sheth Shree Sumatichandra Hiralal in the presence of Shri Nanalal Dahyabhai Choksi. The ground floor was ready to move in 1965 and it was inaugurated on 14th March, 1965 by Sheth Shree Jabirbhai in the presence of Honorable Speaker of Gujarat State Legislative Assembly Shri Fatehali Palejwala The first floor of the science college building was completed in 1968 which was inaugurated on 14th December 1968 by honorable education minister Shri Govardhandhas Chokhawala of Gujarat State in the presence of guest of honor Shri Chimanbhai Patel, Road and Transport Minister of Gujarat state.

Later the college received the status of 2f and 12B from the UGC. Initially the college was affiliated with Gujarat University, Ahmedabad and since 2016 it is affiliated with Shri Govind Guru University, Godhra.

Right from the establishment, the institution set its high standards with regards to introduction of variety of programmes catering to the needs of different community of students. Keeping in mind its mission, the institute always strived for the appointment of well qualified, efficient, dedicated faculties and administrative staff which ensures quality assurance in academic and administrative work of the institute.