Shri S.B. Patel,

Shri C.N.P.F Arts and D.N. Science College was established in the year 1958 and 1962 respectively under the aegis “Vadodara Jilla Kelavni Mandal” in the historical town of Dabhoi by the generosity of the donors with the clear vision to provide the requisite education to make students self-sufficient. Right from the establishment, the institution set its high standards with regards to introduction of variety of programmes catering to the needs of different community of students. Keeping in mind its mission, the institute always strived for the appointment of well qualified, efficient, dedicated faculties and administrative staff which ensures quality assurance in academic and administrative work of the institute. Mr. S. B. Patel The institute has been making sincere efforts to develop infrastructural facilities for the development of the staff members and the students. The college also intends to have better modern equipments that can be utilized in teaching and learning process as well as improvement of students’ information and knowledge to be with the time. Our college has produced a number of graduate and post graduate students in Arts and Science Faculties during last fifty years amongst whom some of the students bear honourable positions in thier professions. I promise to continue our mission following our vision to fulfill the need of the education.